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Consulting with Purpose

Three Degrees Therapy can assist your performance and recovery with therapies such as Injury Assessment, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Sports and Exercise Psychology. Our team of therapists have a vast amount of experience in these area's and who have the expertise to help you RELIEVE, RESTORE & RENEW, by recommending the right advice, preparation and recovery specific for you. Backed by excellent customer service, we are dedicated to providing accurate and high-quality support for you.

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Expert Guidance

Detailed analysis of training and sports movements in order to minimise the risk of injury and improve sports performance. Mechanics is a branch of physics that is concerned with the description of motion/movement and how forces create motion/movement.


The Path to Success

Helping athletes develop strategies to deal with nerves, anxiety, self-confidence, concentration and motivation. Set up activities to improve team and individual performance. Support athletes in coping with injuries.


A Comprehensive Approach

Identifying the history of the injury by ensuring informing the primary complaint, cause or mechanism of the injury, characteristics of the symptoms, and any related medical history that may have a bearing on the specific condition. Rehabilitation is the restoration of optimal form (anatomy) and function (physiology), to promote recovery, and to maximise functional capacity, fitness and performance.



What My Clients Have to Say

My lower back was extremely tender and stiff for weeks after an awkward deadlift and some work-related stuff aggravating it. Mark saw me within 5 hours of contacting him and soon identified the troublesome muscles. With the use of dry needling and deep tissue massage (slightly painful but bearable) my back is completely back to normal! With just one look at my back, Marc appeared to know what to do straight away. Really impressed and will now use Three Degrees Therapy regularly

James Arnold

Marc attended the World Club Basketball Championships in Hastings at the invitation of Basketball Wales.
On behalf of Basketball Wales Men National team, we would like to thank Marc for his fantastic professionalism in treating and administering to our sports Therapy needs.
The players and coaching staff were highly impressed and invited Marc to join the Wales international programme.

Tommy Walsh (Basketball Wales Team Manager)

I'd been struggling to find a top-quality sports therapist since leaving London for Kent 3 years ago, a few weeks ago a friend recommended Three Degrees Therapy as I was having constant injuries this year. Since meeting Marc, having the appropriate treatment based on my training (currently mid 8week fight camp) my prior injuries are no more and definitely feeling the benefits of cupping and dry needling as able to trainer harder than any other training camp. Also added advantage that Marc is a Rock Tape specialist, another bonus
would 100% recommend

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